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The Vans Half Cab sneakers were Steve Caballero’s second signature style to be introduced by Vans, and they became one of the most legendary skate shoes of all time. They were designed after skaters started cutting the original Caballero’s to create a mid-top version, allowing them to perform more complicated flips. Noticing this trend amongst skaters, Vans teamed up with Caballero again to create a mid-top shoe, which became the iconic Vans Half Cab.

The enhanced Half Cab sneaker went down as one of the most culturally significant shoes in skateboarding history. Featuring reinforced toe caps, padded ankle collars and UltraCush HD insoles, the Half Cabs are designed to support hardcore skating. Complete with the original waffle rubber outsole, giving you unbeatable stability and grip.

At Hanon, we stock a selection of Vans Half Cab sneakers from the Vans Vault collection. This premium Vans brand produces unique collaborations and quirky designs, making their shoes massively coveted by sneaker freaks across the globe. Browse our range of limited edition Vans Half Cabs sneakers, and leave us your email to be the first to know when we get more stock.

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