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Vans Authentic

Originally known as the Vans #44 deck shoes, the Vans Authentic were an instant hit with West Coast skateboarders. With a hard-wearing, waffle-patterned sole that sticks to the deck like honey, the Authentic became synonymous with skateboarding, seen on surfers and skaters across California and beyond.

Skateboarding originated in California in the 50s, where bored surfers wanted something to ride when the waves were flat. A couple of decades later, after the invention of urethane wheels, skateboarding made a comeback – big time. And the Vans Authentic sneakers became a key element of this skating revolution.

These low-top plimsolls feature a lace-up front and the classic Vans flag branding, giving you timeless street style with a super-firm grip. Coveted by skaters, surfers, fashion fanatics and street-culture connoisseurs, these sneakers remain a staple part of the Vans collection.
Here at Hanon, we stock a variety of Authentic sneakers from the Vans Vault collection, including quirky collabs and limited-edition pairs.

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