Collection: Sneakers ER


SneakersER is a professional sneaker cleaner brand, providing protectors, cleaners, dyes, paints and glues to keep your sneakers in tip-top condition ­– or bring your favourite, battered pair back to life. Designed by and for sneaker collectors, the range combines expert restoration knowledge with an unparalleled passion for trainers, so you can feel confident your shoes are well taken care of.

SneakersER was founded in Glasgow in 2015, when two long-term friends and lifelong sneakerheads put their heads together to create a cleaning range the sneaker market sorely needed. Al, one half of the SneakersER duo, has been invested in the sneaker industry for over 30 years, eventually going on to co-write DRESSERS, which is regarded as the ‘Bible’ of 80s football culture. Rob, the other mastermind behind the brand, is one of the world’s best sneaker restorers, with his sole transplants and reshapes earning him international attention.

With decades of experience and a huge social media following between them, it’s no surprise SneakersER has turned out to be such a success for Al and Rob. Alongside their original range, the duo now stocks premium brushes and care packages, giving sneakerheads everything they need to make sure their kicks stay pristine. Wherever possible, SneakersER source their materials locally, committing to only use products they’d use on their own sneakers.   

Browse the SneakersER shoe cleaning range at Hanon, the ultimate destination for sneakerheads. Buy some restoration glue to restore your knackered old-school styles, or pick up a midsole paint pen to do some light touch-ups. Whatever you need, SneakersER has you covered.