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Reebok Jurassic Stomper x Jurassic Park "Ingen"
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Reebok Jurassic Stomper x Jurassic Park "Ingen"

Reebok Jurassic Stomper x Jurassic Park "Ingen"



Authorised for InGen employees only. These Reebok shoes were created for the workers of the bio-tech start-up featured in the Jurassic Park movie franchise. They have a leather upper with a neoprene collar for a technical look. Multiple patches let you switch out the window la...

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Reebok CL Legacy x ASAP Nast
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Reebok CL Legacy x ASAP Nast

Reebok CL Legacy x ASAP Nast

£51.00 £85.00


Fresh Reebok kicks hailing directly from Harlem. These Classic Leather Legacy Shoes were made in collaboration with hip hop artist and model Tariq Devega, aka A$AP Nast. Luxe details like suede hits on the premium leather upper keep your look OG. The raw tongue has exposed foa...

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Reebok CL Legacy x ASAP Nast

£51.00 £85.00 Reebok


Reebok is an essential blend of heritage and innovation. Despite the brand’s worldwide fame, Reebok sneakers remain an undisputable British cult classic and an absolute mainstay on the UK’s streetwear scene. Iconic silhouettes like the Workout and the Pump offer athletes superior support during their session, while the Reebok Classics range caters to everyone from the streetwear elite to high-street fashion followers.

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Although Reebok was founded in 1958, the company’s history stretches all the way back to Bolton in 1895. Holed up in his bedroom at the age of 14, a boy named Joseph William Foster designed some of the earliest spiked running shoes. Five years later he founded a shoe manufacturing business, which was eventually named J.W. Foster and Sons once Joseph’s sons joined the company. The business became famous for pioneering spiked running shoes, earning them a spot in the book Golden Kicks: The Shoes that changed Sport.

Almost half a century later, two of Joseph’s grandsons formed the companion company Reebok, named after the Afrikaans word grey rhebok, which is a type of African antelope. After an international trade show in Chicago in ‘79, Reebok struck a deal to distribute in the US. By 1981, Reebok had reached more than $1.5 million in sales. Today, Reebok honours Joseph Foster’s legacy by occasionally releasing retro styles like the J.W. Foster Deluxe.

You can find a wide selection of new Reebok releases and heritage styles at Hanon, the ultimate destination for rare sneakers. Shop the latest styles and exclusive Reebok collaborations, and dress up your kicks with our range of effortlessly sporty Reebok apparel. Keep checking back new Reebok sneaker drops, or subscribe to our emails to be the first to hear about new releases.

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