Collection: Karhu


Famed for their patented air-cushioned shoes, Karhu has been designing quality running sneakers for over a century. The brand follows the Finnish principles of simplicity and purity, with a rich history that connects Karhu to the Scandinavian outdoors. Worn on the feet of everyone from Olympic medallists to Boston Marathon champions, Karhu running sneakers help you move faster, further, easier.

Karhu – the Finnish word for bear – was founded in 1916 as a sporting goods brand. Although they specialised in discuses and javelins, Karhu also produced running shoes and track spikes. In the 30s, Karhu expanded to include cross-country skis, eventually designing snow-camouflage suits and tents for the Finnish military during the Winter War.

Throughout the 20th century, Karhu continued to innovate and develop their product range, teaming up with the University of Jyväskylä in 1987 to develop their patented Fulcrum technology. Designed to help you move forward more efficiently, Fulcrum decreases a runner’s bounce by about half an inch each step, reducing the impact and providing a better midfoot landing position.

At Hanon, we stock a wide range of Karhu styles, including coveted silhouettes like the Fusion 2.0, the Aria and the Synchron Classic. Keep your eyes peeled for the latest Karhu releases, or subscribe to our emails to be the first to hear about new product drops.