Collection: KangaROOS


KangaROOS is a lifestyle footwear and apparel brand, home of the original shoes with pockets. Despite withdrawing from the market in the early 90s, a nostalgic love for the shoe’s athletic design and unique pocket saw KangaROOS sneakers reappear a few years later, helped along by a growing sneaker culture. 

KangaROOS footwear was founded in 1979, when American architect and running enthusiast Robert ‘Bob’ Gamm decided to create a pair of training shoes with a small, zip-up pocket, designed to hold his keys and money while he ran. Capitalising on the running boom that took hold of America in the 70s and 80s, KangaROOS quickly become one of the top five performance brands in the US, with the brand’s popularity also gaining traction throughout Europe.  

Over the years, KangaROOS has seen many brand ambassadors. One of the most notable faces of the brand was Rick ‘The Dog-Faced Gremlin’, who wore bright-red knee-high ROOS in the World Championship Wrestling. In the 1992 Barcelona Olympics, the whole US running team also competed in KangaROOS shoes. 

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