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Dr. Martens

No shoe is quite as versatile as Dr. Martens. What started as a modest work boot has evolved into the ultimate accessory for self-expression, with a simple, classic silhouette that can be adopted as part of an individual style. Over the years, Dr. Martens has become a symbol of attitude, famed for their incredible durability and comfort. It’s practicality meets street fashion: ideal for everything from gigs and clubs to travelling, protests, and everything in between. They’re the distinctive shoes with a united spirit. 

The iconic Dr. Martens brand we know and love today originated in Northamptonshire in 1901, where the Griggs family started making boots for local workmen. The family’s reputation grew steadily thanks to their sturdy, durable boots, eventually earning them a spot at the centre of the English shoe industry, where they remained for the next six decades. 

Meanwhile, in post-war Munich, another facet of the Dr. Martens brand was coming to life. While recovering from a broken foot in 1945, a 25-year-old soldier named Dr. Klaus Maertens created a unique air-cushioned sole to help his recovery. By 1947, Maertens and his friend Dr. Herbert Funk had started formally producing Maerten’s style of unique shoes for the military, and within a decade the pair had a booming business.

Back in England, a member of the Griggs family noticed a German advert for boots with an air-cushioned sole. After acquiring a license for the style and making some key changes, including adding the distinctive yellow stitching that the brand is now famous for, the first official pair Dr. Martens boots arrived in England, just in time for the 60s. Riding the cultural change that came in the 60s and 70s, Dr. Martens became a staple of working-class style, helped along by famous faces like Pete Townshend of The Who.

Dr. Martens shoes and boots are as culturally relevant today as they were in the 70s, remaining at the heart of British youth culture. Uncover both classic silhouettes and rare Dr. Martens at Hanon, the home of eclectic and hard-to-find footwear.