Collection: Diadora


Diadora is an Italian athletic footwear brand best-known for their football and tennis shoes, which dominated the sports in the 70s and 80s. Helped along by partnerships with footballers like Roberto Bettega and Marco van Basten, Diadora sneakers are known for their superb quality and undeniable Italian flair, with hundreds of bold styles to their name. 

Although Diadora has been a household name since the 70s, the brand’s history stretches back to 1948, when Marcello Danieli founded the business after dropping out of school to become a shoemaker. Despite the brand’s current fame for sneakers and athletic footwear, Diadora’s first product was actually a mountain climbing boot, launched with the help of Marcello’s wife in the late 40s. Throughout the 50s, Diadora shoes became known across Italy for their outstanding quality, helping establish the brand as a leader in the Italian market.

From then, Diadora continued to capitalise on shifting trends, designing ski boots during the economic boom in the 60s and running shoes when athletics became popular in the 70s. At this time, Diadora also started working with sporting champions like Bjorn Borg and Martin Mulligan, evolving the brand’s technology to become more advanced and better suited to each sport. The brand’s dynamic history and constant innovation have cemented its status as a market leader in athletic footwear, spurred on by the rise of casual culture. 

Since their inception with mountain boots and their evolution into athletic footwear, the Diadora range has expanded to include running, tennis, football and futsal shoes, as well as apparel and accessories. Shop our wide range of Diadora sneakers at Hanon, including rare colourways and collabs.