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The ultimate in performance sports shoes. Combining cutting-edge performance technology and quality cushioning, Asics sneakers give you an impressive amount of comfort. Great for newbie runners and professional athletes alike, Asics are the perfect accompaniment to a busy lifestyle.

The Asics brand have been creating quality footwear for over 60 years, with running shoes that are ranked among the best performance footwear in the world. Committed to encouraging sport in an increasingly inactive society, Asics live and breathe the world of fitness. In fact, the name Asics actually comes from a Latin acronym, which translates to ‘healthy soul in a healthy body’.

Here at Hanon, we stock a huge range of Asics shoes, including a variety from the iconic Asics Gel series. These lightweight running shoes feature the classic Asics stripes and are built to give you the ultimate comfort and grip during your run. We also have a selection of Asics sport apparel, perfect for dressing up your new running shoes.

With balanced support and impressive durability, Asics footwear has set the standard for performance shoes everywhere.