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Ever been jealous of the badass uniforms on the battlefield? With Ark Air, you can rock the military look whilst enjoying civilian life. Designed by the brand that’s trusted by special forces all over the world, you can enjoy the functionality and durability of military-grade clothing – no intense training or ditch-crawling required.

Ark Air is the civilian brand of Arktis, an English company that’s been designing specialist military clothing since 1985. Founded by two ex Royal Marines, Arktis provides camouflage designs and military-grade smocks that are superior to standard-issue uniforms. Realising the potential the Arktis brand had, the two marines launched Ark Air - a high-quality clothing brand inspired by the military.

With Ark Air, civilians can enjoy the same quality, durability and innovative design that special forces get with Arktis. The brand follows the Arktis designs closely, allowing for ultimate comfort and functionality with an edge of military style. With breathable material and an array of handy utility pockets, you’ll be ready for anything life throws at you.

Hanon have a fantastic range of Ark Air clothing, perfect for weatherproofing you against the elements of everyday life. Whether you’re an adventure addict or just a fan of combat patterns, Ark Air is the ultimate brand for serious clothing.

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