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the first of the ZX models was born in 1984 and launched during a global jogging boom. Incorporating every possible technical feature to assist with support, flexibility and protection, it was the perfect shoe for the serious runner. Back then, adidas were constantly trying to work out how to improve their products to better athletic performance, an approach that remains at the core of the adidas ethos to this day. 

With its depth and breadth, that first ZX series accommodated a host of different runners needs and, in doing so, offered a range like nothing ever seen before in the sports shoe industry. In the mid-80s the three digit ZX incorporated every possible technical feature to assist the wearer with everything needed to enhance performance. Every model was designed to tackle motion problems, with research leading to simple yet effective solutions.

Up until 1989, cushion, support and guidance were all combined into one shoe. When Torsion was born, adidas had developed different shoes designed specifically for different needs thus birthing the ZX four digit series - the ZX7000G for guidance, ZX8000C for cushion, and ZX9000S for support. These pioneering running shoes were the first of their kind on the market, the first biochemical shoes with Torsion technology that worked with the natural independent motion of the heel and the forefoot to create greater stability and control.

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