Walsh Spring Summer '21

Norman Walsh return to our shelves this season with their hand crafted Made In England archival running shoes. 
Hailing from Bolton, Lancashire, a town and county with some serious input into the evolution of the modern day training shoe/sneaker (delete according to the parlance of your location). Walsh began his footwear journey leaving school in post-war Britain and took up an apprenticeship at Bolton-based J.W. Foster & Sons (more on that later). Learning his trade, Norman Walsh went on to produce custom running shoes for fabled British Olympian Roger Bannister in his quest to become one of the first to run a mile in under 4 minutes, as well as producing football boots that helped fire his local side Bolton Wanderers to FA Cup glory against big city neighbours Manchester United.

In 1961, Walsh teamed up with former employers J.W. Foster & Sons - whom would later change their name to the somewhat catchier 'Reebok' - to start a brand under his own name. The intervening years saw Walsh set about honing his craft and seeking out ways to ever improve the functionality of his designs. Lightweight construction was the mantra as Walsh become one of the first people to use an EVA midsole in 1971 - a development that would shape the evolution of the modern day sneaker in the coming decades.  

This year sees the brand celebrate their 60th anniversary, and to commemorate the longevity and importance of this milestone, Walsh has created a collection to truly capture the essence of the brand over its existence. To distinguish the new collection, branding and labels have been re-imagined in a black/gold and white/gold colour scheme. A recurring theme of a topographical map of Bolton and it’s surrounding landscape is featured across the swing tags and assorted packaging. 

The Walsh Spring Summer '21 collection is available to buy online now via the button below.


The Voyager was one of Normans most popular training shoes, and was a lightweight road training shoe featuring a speed lacing system and was the predecessor to the Tornado racing shoe. Each pair is hand-assembled in Bolton, England, using suede and nylon to create an authentic lightweight shoe to the same specifications as they've always been.

Walsh Voyager
Price: £125.00

Walsh Voyager
Price: £125.00

Walsh Tempest
Price: £160.00

The Tempest is a brand new introduction to the Walsh line up. Created to echo the 60 years of Walsh’s proud heritage, the Tempest captures the finesse and skill of the craftsman, presenting a clean silhouette primed for all occasions and daily wear.

A favourite and iconic style of the 90’s, the European was a road and trail shoe famed for its comfort and versatility. A combination of the PB upper, coupled with the Walsh trail sole, gave the wearer great stability and comfort while upholding an outstanding display in performance both on and off-road.

Walsh European
Price: £125.00

Walsh European
Price: £125.00

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