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Karhu Winter Pack

Karhu deliver a range of updated wet weather autumnal ready favourites that follow on from this season outdoorsy offerings. First up is the Synchron Classic. Offered here in a rich June Bug coloured suede with a Peyote hue mesh. The Karhu ‘M’ logo sees a dual...Read more

Karhu x Paavo Nurmi Games – Synchron Classic “Paavo Nurmi”

Paavo Johannes Nurmi is one of the most successful athletes in Olympic history and one of only two track and field athletes to win nine Olympic gold medals. Read more

Karhu Synchron Classic “Outdoor”

As the snow melts during a welcomed Finnish spring, nature slowly begins to emerge from hibernation. Wildlife becomes more active, plants start to sprout and Finns make a point to enjoy the outdoors. The natural surroundings remind everyone that warmer days are ahead and life...Read more

Karhu “Porvoo” Pack

Dedicating a connection to its Finnish heritage, Karhu places importance in highlighting historical national landmarks. It’s for this reason Karhu chose to travel to Porvoo, Finland’s second oldest city founded over 800years ago. The city sits along Finland’s southern coast with the river Porvoonjoki flowing...Read more

Karhu Synchron Classic x Patta

To celebrate KARHU’S 100th anniversary, KARHU and Patta have partnered once again to collaborate on a special footwear release. Read more

Karhu “Black Leather Fall pack”

As the warm colours of summer turn to fall, we see day light hours shift to the subtle greys of morning and dark blacks at night. To honour this transition into fall, Karhu captures the mood associated with shorter days and longer nights. The Karhu...Read more