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FIRST LOOK : Nike React Element 87

Many classic Nike shoes were born from a simple desire: to make running and walking more comfortable. The Nike React Element 87 is one such shoe that also owes its geometric design to data drawn from everyday athletes. The latest iteration of Nike's React Element...Read more

Nike React Element 87

Nike return with a second helping of their pioneering 'React' technology. First dropping in June this year the first two React Elements didn't hang around for long. Nike follow up the their previous efforts with two more of a similar ilk. Semi translucent uppers are...Read more

Nike React Element 87

The Nike React didn't actually hit the ground running. In its first form—this form—it was designed for casual wear, pure and simple. The React Element 87 is the official debut of the original technology, the one that took comfort to the cutting edge. Its super-soft...Read more