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Vans Vault x Taka Hayashi – 15th Collection

This season, Vault by Vans introduces the 15th collection by footwear designer Taka Hayashi featuring the TH Chukka Nomad LX. Read more

Vans Vault x Taka Hayashi Sk8 Nomad & Slip Nomad LX

Taka Hayashi is to Vans as Hiroshi Fujiwara is to Nike said a wise man on a blog somewhere and they’ve got a good point. Hayashi’s penchant for everything Native American alongside his fondness for luxurious materials and premium craftsmanship makes him a perfect choice...Read more

Adidas NMD_ Runner

This month sees a plethora of NMD releases, everyones favourite Boost soled runner. Every release on this futuristic silhouette has been a winner and these three are no exceptions. Read more