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Nike Shox TL

When the original Nike Shox TL released in 2003, it changed the game and captivated fans with its unique four pillar cushioning. Celebrated at the time for its surprisingly smooth ride despite its weight. Fifteen years later, the Nike Shox TL is a recrafted version...Read more

Nike Shox R4

First revealed in 2000, Shox technology remains one of the boldest design vocabularies in all of footwear. It's mechanical cushioning — an idea first born in 1984 — offers a durable bounce for impact protection. The aesthetic, however, is pure provocation. Almost plucked fromt the realms of science fiction the...Read more

Nike Air Max 90 QS 'Mars Landing'

Though landing on the moon characterised the late 1960s in America, the topic of Mars exploration dominates today's conversation. The Mars "Opportunity" rover, launched in 2003, recently concluded its mission after years spent enduring dust storms and exploring the planet's terrain. Its discoveries have informed...Read more

Nike Zoom Air Alpha

Originally known as Tensile Air, Zoom Air cushioning as we know it today, first appeared on the scene in 1996 on the first coming of the Air Zoom Alpha. Zoom Air comprised four anatomically positioned Zoom Air pods located between the outsole and midsole to deflect...Read more

Nike x Gyakusou

Some people run fast. Others run far. Some do both. Some run races — against time, another person or even the mind. Many cherish solo moments on the open road while just as many prefer to share the experience with fellow harriers. Running can energize;...Read more

Nike React WR ISPA

Nike designers are constantly creating products inspired by athletes of all levels. Last year, the Fuel Footwear Innovation team decided to pick a more abstract muse—unexpected circumstances in the form of weather, activity or otherwise. With that in mind, they developed a philosophy and set...Read more