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New Balance 997 x Woolrich

New Balance join forces with Woolrich to work on the Made in USA 997 silhouette which features accents of Woolrich’s high performance wool on the vamp and tongue. Read more

New Balance 998NJ

Straight off the back of another 998 colourway, we’re treated to the brand new stealthy Made in USA New Balance 998NJ, decked out in black suede and mesh, with leather hits. Read more

New Balance M990CDB2

Our resident New Balance aficionado has had his 990v2 void filled since it’s reintroduction in the original grey colourway, and we’ve also been treated to lots more excellent colourways, like this brand new one which just landed with us. Read more

New Balance 997CSS

Following on from the colourway last week, the ever popular New Balance 997 silhouette is back and this is the stealthy counterpart of the cracking 997CSU. Read more

New Balance M997CSU

The ever popular New Balance 997 silhouette is back and better than ever with this brand new colourway. Read more

New Balance M997CHP “Baseball”

Designed and crafted in New England from premium materials, this finer men’s sneaker features a classic silhouette with timeless colors that pay a tribute to its heritage. Read more