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Kangaroos Ultimate MIG x Earth Water "Africa"

UNESCO recently announced that more than 2 billion humans don’t have access to safe and clean drinking water on a regular basis. In response to this horrendous statistic, KangaROOS launch a special project with the goal of supporting efforts to build drinking fountains in Africa...Read more

KangaROOS x Sneakerholics

KangaROOS are proud to present their first ever 'community' collaboration that sees the brand link up with online sneaker group "Sneakerholics" for a collaborative Coil-R1 edition dubbed the 'Bubblegum'.Sneakerholics for those unfamiliar is a German online sneaker group that is dedicated to "connecting 'heads' &...Read more

Kangaroos Omnirun MIG "Ocean 72"

The *Ocean 72* by KangaROOS is far more than just another Sneaker release. KangaROOS’s latest joint offering see’s Bracenet get involved. Bracenet is an organization with one aim: to make everyone aware of the danger caused by ghost nets in the ocean. They account for...Read more

KangaROOS Coil-R1 x Sneakerbaas 'Windmill Pack'

Sneakerbaas and KangaROOS have teamed up once again to continue their legendary partnership. We’re very proud to bring you our new collaboration known as ‘The Windmill’ pack. This special release contains two uniquely handcrafted sneakers: the ‘Turtle’ and the ‘Dead Bird.’Read more

KangaROOS Omnicoil x t3n

KangaROOS team up with German tech magazine t3n for an exclusive reworking of the Omnicoil silhouette.Originally conceived as a one off shoe to be gifted to t3n employees for Christmas, KangaROOS extend the festive spirit and make a limited run available for all the die-hard KangaROOS...Read more

KangaROOS Coil_R1 & Omnicoil x Overkill 'Adam & Eve'

KangaROOS partner with Berlin sneaker institution Overkill to present a double offering with biblical inspiration. Taking the tale of Adam & Eve the Overkill team craft two uber-premium executions of the Coil_R1 & ultimate runner.  First up the Ultimate 'Adam' edition the upper sees a...Read more