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LAUNCHES: Dr. Martens 1460 x Undercover

Reigniting their long-running partnership, Dr. Martens are back together with Japanese design heavyweight and Undercover founder Jun Takahashi. Dr. Martens and Undercover go way back. Takahashi is carving out a place in DM’s history. And to mark their 60th anniversary, they've asked him to express what...Read more


For almost a decade, Jun Takahashi has worked with Nike on the running-focused Gyakusou line, which takes inspiration from his own sporting interest and probes the interplay of fluid movement, fixed environment and the meditative value of running. Beginning this summer with the futuristic Daybreak reinterpretations. Takahashi extends...Read more

Nike x Gyakusou

Some people run fast. Others run far. Some do both. Some run races — against time, another person or even the mind. Many cherish solo moments on the open road while just as many prefer to share the experience with fellow harriers. Running can energize;...Read more