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Karhu 'Spring Festival' Pack - Part 2

Every spring, Finland plays host to dozens of cultural, art, and music festivals. Following a long winter, citizens look forward to enjoying the energetic venues and the lively spirit that accompanies such celebrations. As days grow longer, Karhu captures the colourful and energetic atmosphere with a...Read more

Karhu Spring Festival Pack

Spring sees Finnish running brand Karhu launch their latest pack inspired by Springtime festivals. Following a long cold Winter, there's nothing better than the premise of some heat and outdoor events lasting long into the night. From this stems Kathu's latest pack, built to be enjoyed during...Read more

Karhu Catch of The Day Part 2

Karhu reel in another catch of the day. This offering lands with us comprised of 2 Aria's & a Fusion 2.0. Sticking with the angling theme from the first drop, Karhu's latest collection of styles once again pays tribute to Karhu's roots in supplying Fishing tackle and suitable...Read more

Karhu 'Catch of The Day' Pack

Following on from last month’s aptly named ‘monthless’ pack Karhu are back with their latest assortment of archive runners, drawing inspiration from Karhu’s early days selling fishing tackle to keen Finnish anglers. Consisting of two Synchron Classics, two Fusion 2.0’s & a solo Aria the...Read more

Karhu "Monthless" Pack

For their first release of 2019, Karhu draws inspiration from ancient Rome, particularly the Roman calendar.  The “Monthless” Pack by Karhu is an ode to February being the last month added to the Roman calendar, often overlooked, but never forgotten. The pack comprised of a...Read more

Karhu Winter Pack

Karhu deliver a range of updated wet weather autumnal ready favourites that follow on from this season outdoorsy offerings. First up is the Synchron Classic. Offered here in a rich June Bug coloured suede with a Peyote hue mesh. The Karhu ‘M’ logo sees a dual...Read more

Karhu Ruska Pack 2

The second Ruska collection consists of three limited Fusion 2.0 colour ways. Each option consists of pigskin suede panels and water repellent nylon at the toe and midfoot sections. The gradient colour blocking is subtle like the changing leaves between the Summer months and the...Read more

Karhu Forest Treats

The Finnish woods provide more than just a sanctuary to animals and a natural setting for exploration. The forest produces organic and nutritionally rich foods like flowers, wild berries, and mushrooms. What might come as a surprise, they are all free of charge! The Finnish...Read more

Karhu Track & Field Pack Drop 2

Karhu follow up with a sequel to last weeks "Track & Field" pack with another drop this time placing the Fusion 2.0 at the center of attention. The drop sees the Finish brand continue with their athletics inspired theme as well as the colour pallette from the...Read more