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Kangaroos Coil_R1 MIG "CNY 2020"

Releasing to celebrate the Chinese New Year tradition, these MiG KangaROOS Coil_R1's come packing big lucky symbols. The Renminbi note hidden in each pair wishes a healthy and prosperous year ahead. Furthermore, a lucky knot is processed on the laces, and the emblem of the rat...Read more

KangaROOS Coil_R1 & Omnicoil x Overkill 'Adam & Eve'

KangaROOS partner with Berlin sneaker institution Overkill to present a double offering with biblical inspiration. Taking the tale of Adam & Eve the Overkill team craft two uber-premium executions of the Coil_R1 & ultimate runner.  First up the Ultimate 'Adam' edition the upper sees a...Read more

KangaROOS Coil_R1 MIG "Playmaker"

Football fever seems to have gripped KangaROOS too. The German brands latest hand crafted effort dubbed the "Playmaker" refers to the creative spark on the football pitch. Often praised for their flamboyant style of play its clear to see its part in the inspiration on...Read more