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Nike Air Max 720 "Northern Lights"

For decades, Nike has evolved footwear with innovative iterations of Nike Air cushioning. Pushing the limits even further, Nike now delivers the Air Max 720, which boasts a visible Air unit 6mm taller than any before it. With more Air directly underfoot, the 720 offers...Read more

Nike Air Max 98

The Nike Air Max 98 returns to shelves this month boasting two new colourways for spring 2019, once of which were sure you’ll be familiar with. Before Nike officially resurrected the 98 style to the world at the beginning of 2018, streetwear behemoths Supreme  got...Read more

Nike Air Max2 Light

In keeping with recent traditions Nike resurrect a long forgotten Air Max style and give it all the spotlight it deserves. 2019 see's Nike start things off with the Air Max 2 Light.  Originally launched in 1994 as an update to the Air Max 2 that offered  revolutionary...Read more

Air Max 1 Pompidou

In 1987, the Centre Pompidou in Paris—with its ground breaking inside-out aesthetic—became the muse behind Tinker Hatfield’s most revolutionary idea: visible Nike Air cushioning. Find out how two soon-to-be-released designs take Air Max 1 to a whole new place—by taking it back to its roots.BY...Read more

Nike Air Max Deluxe

The OG Air Max Deluxe first hits the streets in 1999 as an answer for runners seeking a great ride and durability for miles. Now for 2018 fresh off the back of a sold out collaboration with Skepta, the Air Max Deluxe is back with the same...Read more

Nike Week 32 Launches

Week 32 see's Nike deliver a pair of Air max 1's,  a brace of Air Spans, a hybrid 97 plus and an archive Air Humara.First up is the Nike Air Humara. Originally debuting in 97 on a wave of outdoor influenced shoes the Humara was...Read more

Nike Air Max 95 Erdl Party

Based on a Camo pattern designed by the US Military in the 1940's, Nike transform the G.I standard issue camo by applying a selection of bold and bright colours. Pair this with the multi wave upper of the Air Max 95 and the result is a...Read more

Nike Air Max Deluxe

At the turn of the century, when raves were all the rage, the Nike Air Max Deluxe was released. Taking inspiration from the sound waves and frantic energy of a rave, the Deluxe left a bold and expressive footprint. Almost 20 years later, the Deluxe...Read more

Nike Air Max 95 OG "Solar Red"

In 1995, the Air Max 95 helped write the next chapter of visible Air. Not only did the new silhouette bring the innovation to the forefoot, the design by Sergio Lozano would capture the hearts of more than just runners. It attracted the attention of...Read more