Sneakersnstuff x Puma Adventurer Pack


When Sneakersnstuff started back in the late 1990’s Swedish owners Erik and Peter used to go to New York in search of sneakers that you couldnt find in Europe. Sneakers that they would then take back to Sweden and sell in their store.

Two things that were always with them on these trips were – their large black duffel bags they used to carry products home and their passports. These items are the key inspiration behind the Sneakersnstuff x PUMA Adventurer pack.

The XS850 ”Peter” is inspired by the big black duffel bags that were used to carry home their sneakers from New York. The bag is made in a thick ballistic nylon upper with premium suede details and a super soft leather lining. The XT2+ ”Erik” is inspired by the old Swedish Passport. Premium navy leather upper details as well as the lining is from the cover of the passport. The soft leather turquoise combined with turquoise premium suede takes.

PRICE: £115.00 EACH

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