Sneakers ER – Premium Midsole Paint Pen “YZY” collection


Sneakers ER, Scotland’s premier shoe cleaning outfit have come up with a solution for those of you who like their midsoles to stay clean and crisp, even after a lot of use. That solution is these midsole paint pens, appearing in four colours that will be no stranger to most sneaker heads.

Constructed with a special optimised valve system and pump action for optimum flow control and specially developed by the boffins at Sneakers ER, these are good for many pairs – depending on coverage & shoe size. The 10mm chisel tipped pens in the YZY collection come in four colours: Turtle Dove, Pirate Black, Moonrock & Oxford Tan.


* Please note – these pens are based on the midsole – if using for sole repaints it is at your discretion as after wearing paint may need re-touched again.

When painting on the soles paint may appear slightly lighter – this is due to the soles possibly being dirty or discoloured, the pen colour is a match to the midsole.

Midsole pens are designed for full re-colour etc for sneakers to match yeezy, it is at customers discretion how they are used.

Paint can be removed with deglazer or light acetone.



1. Shake Midsole Paint Pen well before use

2. Remove old paint using SNEAKERS ER Deglazer

3. Apply a thin coat of midsole paint

4. Allow to dry for 1 hour

5. Repeat the process with a second coat

6. Apply more coats if necessary

7. Allow to completely dry for 48 hours before use

8. Paint can be removed with a little deglazer or light acetone.


Sneakers ER Midsole Paint Pen Yeezy Moonrock
Price: £12.00


Sneakers ER Midsole Paint Pen Yeezy Oxford Tan
Oxford Tan
Price: £12.00


Sneakers ER Midsole Paint Pen Yeezy Pirate Black
Pirate Black
Price: £12.00


SneakersER Midsole Paint Pen Yeezy Turtle Dove
Turtle Dove
Price: £12.00


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