Shoes for all New Years resolutions...

Here we go again, January is upon us once more and as usual, it's time to swear off all that stuff that's meant to be bad for you.
We digress, but if you're doing something different this January then good on you. You might as well get do it with some new footwear fit for the job. We've scoured our shelves to pull some select bits of kit that should see you right whatever activity you're getting stuck into so scroll down to see some highlights.
Fret not if your leisure activity isn't listed, hit that button beneath for a plethora of footwear options!

Ah yes! Nothing blows away the cobwebs quite like a run. Not being much of a runner myself, I let our in-house jog squad recommend some styles.

By 2022, it's not news that adidas' BOOST tech is supremely comfortable and is some of the best cushioning out there, but just in case you'd forgotten here's three current pavement pounding weapons of personal best destruction that should see you right in your active endeavors. 

If 2022's your year to spend more time on the board and less time bored, then let us assist with some fresh vulcanized soles.

Recent drops featuring skateboarding supremo Ray Barbee and playful executions from Geoff McFetridge lead a strong charge from Vans alongside their undeniably timeless selection of board-ready styles.

If it's the outdoors that are calling, then look no further for some upgrades on your rambling gear. This selection should see you right if you're bagging some Munros in Spring or traversing the concrete jungles.

If getting up at the crack of dawn to venture into the great outdoors isn't your bag, we get that too, and hats off to you for enjoying the finer things in life. So if seeking out sustenance at that pop-up cafe bar thing across town or supporting your local establishments is in your January plans, then we've rounded up some sartorial upgrades to keep those fits fresh.

If you're already Vegan, or you're giving it a bash for January or even just want to minimize and source your footwear with less animal products, then we've rounded up a selection of what we've got on the site currently!

However, if there's nothing there that takes your fancy, then keep your eyes peeled on the what's new section this year as 2022 looks set to offer even more Vegan-friendly options on your favourite styles.

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