Saucony Originals X Sneakers76 10th Anniversary Shadow 5000 “ The Legend Of God Taras “

This year is the 10th Anniversary of Sneakers76, to celebrate this event the Sneakers76 team has created a collection of sneakers with four international brand of the sneakers world, including Saucony Originals.

A project with a unique theme, told through four symbols. One symbol for each brand.

A tale through stories, legends and symbols of the territory where the Sneakers76 team and Its founders were born. The symbol sort for Saucony is the Trident of God Taras and the title of this last volume of the saga is “The Legend of God Taras”.

Ancient legends tell that the City of Taranto – Spartan City, part of Magna Grecia and great Greek colony in southern Italy has been founded by God Taras, son of Poseidon. In the course of a sea voyage, Taras shipwrecked near the coast of Taranto and is saved by a dolphin. To thank Poseidon to be his help came in through that dolphin, Taras fund The city of Taranto.

In fact, in the red and blue coat of arms of the city of Taranto it depicts the God Taras riding a dolphin, within one hand the Trident of Poseidon and the other a white towel that represents purity.

Suede and Leather premium for the upper, the colours are inspired from the City coat of arms.

The toe in red and blue heel represent the colours of the City, the two different blues of the heel represent the two seas of Taranto (The City also known the City of the two seas). The middle part in two gray tones represent the colours of the Dolphin. The white colour of the Saucony logo, the mid sole (water effect droplets) and the laces guard represent the white towel. The details in cognac leather and wood effect represent the colours of the materials of Sneakers76 store is made. The Saucony and Sneakers76 logos are embossed on cognac colour leather sewn on gray insoles.

Saucony Shadow 5000 x Sneakers 76 “Legend of God Taras”
Launch: Thursday 19th January 00:01GMT
Price: £119.00





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