Saucony Courageous x Sneaker Politics “Battle Of New Orleans”

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New Orleans based Sneaker Politics have two new upcoming releases from Saucony Originals, the first being this sky blue number dubbed “the Cannon”.

Based on the colour of the cannons used during the Battle of New Orleans 200 years ago. They were coloured as such in order to camouflage them against the sky as the British approached. They weigh three tons (the cannons not the shoes) and have definitely withstood the test of time as they’re still on display in Louisiana today. They also definitely worked as they managed to kick us back across the pond with them.

Each pair of Canon Blue Courageous will come with 3 sets of laces (White, Black and Red Tips and Canon Blue).

Saucony Courageous x Sneaker Politics “The Cannon”
Launch: Saturday 21st November 00:00GMT
Price: £109.00

PowerPoint Presentation  PowerPoint Presentation

PowerPoint Presentation

PowerPoint Presentation

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