Reebok x Bronze 56K

NYC skate mavericks Bronze 56K are back with some mega Club C's for all you Bok-Boyz out there... 

Founded in 2012 by Peter Sidlauskas and Patrick Murray, Bronze 56k is a post-modern success story. As their lo-fi videos brought notoriety and internet fame to the skate crew from Queens, New York, the subversive nature of their telegenic presence added to a genuine sense of corporate intrigue. Today, Bronze 56k is best known for its unique blend of branded hardware and irreverent wardrobe staples and some of theee best skits in skate videos known to man. If for some reason you're unacquainted get 'learnt here!

Getting back to brass tacks, the latest collaboration between the Bok & Bronze sees the Club C pushed to the furore. Landing in two colourways each serving as a reference to classic G-Unit Reebok styles from the early part of this Millenium. Tough leather and some rugged suede cover the upper ensuring these units can handle a day at the office on the board or for that matter, any other day to day activity a person may reasonably expect, dead good for all that too...  Not content with just giving you a nice pair of Reeboks, Bronze include a branded drawstring dust bag featuring that fantastic logo in all its splendour.

Both Colourways of the Reebok Club C x Bronze 56K launch at HANON on the 31st of October at 23:00 GMT...

Reebok Club C Revenge x Bronze 56K
Price: £89.00

Reebok Club C Revenge x Bronze 56K
Price: £89.00

If all those shiny Jpegs and my words have not convinced you on these Club C's almighty charms then here's the Bronze crew putting em through their paces in NYC. Fit Rare!

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