Reebok Workout Plus x Nepenthes

February sees Reebok team up with New York-based Nepenthes for a collaborative take on the iconic Reebok Workout Plus. Nepenthes for those unfamiliar are a New York institution that produce and sell some of the finest and most inspired contemporary men’s & women’s wear pieces today.

Located in the hallowed ‘garment district’ in NYC, a historic borough which during the mid-century was a hustling & bustling hive of activity. Nepenthes honour this time served craft producing garments upstairs in their space and selling them downstairs. Selling brands such as Engineered Garments & Needles and attracting those with an eye for detail the world over to their plot of New York.
For this Workout Plus collaboration, Nepenthes channel what makes the Workout such a universally revered style. A style that transcends gender, styles and location. A style championed by all. The core DNA of the Workout is retained, with white leather panels featuring throughout. The most noticeable inclusion is the rich ‘hairy’ suede inclusion on the midsection. A grey suede wraps the middle and acts as a centrepiece to the shoe. Further details include subtle Nepenthes branding on the tongue label, a terry towel collar lining and a console grey outsole.

The Reebok Workout Plus x Nepenthes launches at HANON on February 15th.
Reebok Workout Plus x Nepenthes
Price: £109.00
Launch: February 15th
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