Reebok Daytona DMX 'Vector'

The new millennium heralded a new direction, consumers wanted fresh & new ideas. The Daytona's streamlined physique fit the bill. The shape and stance were inspired by then Reebok designer Christian Tresser's obsession with the anatomy of the human foot. Harnessing late 90's computer packages, some paint and his own foot, Tressor crafted a shoe worthy of the new millennium. Alternating mesh and synthetic leather panels provided a solid framework built atop Reebok's moving air DMX tech. The swooping speed and organic shape of the Daytona was complimented with subtle 3M reflective details and a restrained & an elegant colour scheme complete.
These latest iterations dubbed the 'vector' stay true to the founding philosophy of Tresser. Boasting a traditional material mix and a coordinated Palette that's complemented with repeat style logo pattern running the length of the midsection. 

Both colourways of the Reebok Daytona DMX 'Vector' are available to buy online now via the button below.

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