Reebok Club C x Kendrick Lamar

Reebok Classic and music icon Kendrick Lamar continue to evolve the creative partnership this season, as Kendrick reinterprets another Reebok icon, the Club C.

To kick off 2017, multi-platinum selling Top Dawg Entertainment artist, Kendrick Lamar, is at it again with Reebok Classic with the release of a new capsule – this time giving his take on the iconic Club C.For his first iteration of the historic Club C sneaker, Kendrick draws on his experiences both past and present to add his unique style and message to the legacy of the classic tennis shoe.

Taking direct inspiration from his latest album, the sneaker’s aesthetic focuses on the themes of anonymity and abstraction while also calling for unity. Inspired by his ability to invoke conversation around race and social injustice, this Club C forces people to think deeper and celebrates Kendrick’s ability to create art with meaning in a stylish, provocative manner.

Commenting on the design, Kendrick said, “Now more than ever is it important for individuals to come together as one. This sneaker represents that call for unity and equality, while also pushing people to look beneath the surface and uncover the hidden messages. This is something I try to do with my music, and now here with the Club C.”

This new Club C sneaker stands for something beyond the norm; each detail is a distinct part of a larger overall design, combining to create a powerful aesthetic and delivering an enigmatic message that goes beyond standard sneaker culture. Key design features and corresponding meanings throughout the shoe include:

  • Acid-washed denim and dash heel elements to accentuate the mysterious personality of the shoe
  • Black and white pattern to represent equality within society and coming together as one
  • Red label and heel elements to symbolize strength, power and passion that can be heard in Kendrick’s music and seen in his actions
  • Purposefully hidden branding, shown only on the tongue’s interior to represent anonymity, forcing people to look beyond the surface and think differently – an attribute inspired directly by his newest album
  • Highlighted “k” and “o” details in the quarter logo window to reference Kendrick’s signature nickname “KDot,” giving the shoe an inconspicuous identity

2017 is the year of the Club C. One of Reebok’s most iconic sneakers that has transcended generations through constant evolution, so it’s only fitting that Kendrick joins us in revisiting the tennis classic,” said Todd Krinsky, Global Vice President of Reebok Classic and Entertainment. “This latest Capsule is a bold and unique design that continues and strengthens the theme of inspiring youths, but this time through the lens of anonymity and abstractionism – powerful messages that ring true throughout Kendrick’s music. We’re delighted to be partnering with Kendrick again and launching his first Club C design for the brand.


Reebok Club C x Kendrick Lamar
Launch: Friday 13th January 00:01GMT
Price: £79.00


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