Reebok Classics x 20th Century Fox "Alien Fighter"

To celebrate 40 years of the alien franchise, Reebok has rewound the story to the mid-late 1970s. when the first Alien film was in pre-production. when its concept art and visual direction were hatching.
at the time, graphic artist Ron Cobb was the man responsible for imagining and designing the human technology, alongside HR Giger who was conceiving the look of the alien.
Taking inspiration from Ron Cobb’s story, hundreds of his pre-production sketches and memoirs from Ridley Scott, the Reebok design team has created a prototype - looking stomper that could have existed before the style worn by Ripley years later in aliens. Carrying concept logos and details that were never used in final production, such as the original name for the Weyland - Yutani corporation – which was in - fact ‘Weylan - Yutani’ – without the ‘d’. it wasn’t until 1986’s aliens that the company name was changed to Weyland - Yutani, where it became a central aspect of the franchise.
The Reebok Classics x 20th Century Fox "Alien Fighter" launches at HANON via an ONLINE RAFFLE. Entry is now open on our HANON Launches site, Raffle closes on Thursday 24th of April at 16:00 BST.

Reebok Classics x 20th Century Fox "Alien Fighter"
Price: £159.00

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