Reebok Classic Leather Lux x Kendrick Lamar


Reebok Classic continues its collaboration with multi-platinum selling Top Dawg Entertainment artist Kendrick Lamar, launching his highly anticipated final capsule within the ‘Red and Blue’ collection, which celebrates one of the brand’s most iconic sneakers, the Classic Leather.

After dominating this year’s music awards show season and dropping his third major label studio album to critical acclaim, Kendrick returns with the Classic Leather Lux capsule. A timeless yet distinctive design, the sneaker is executed in olive green premium leather, representing the Compton saying that ‘mixing Red and Blue makes Green’; when we come together united we can inspire and encourage growth. The eye-catching green combines embossed accents of red and blue on the heel tabs, to symbolize the existing divide between gangs and to emphasize Kendrick’s message of a call for neutrality. A retro gum sole provides an interesting contrast to the muted green upper, and starcrest tongue branding completes the look in Classic style.


Speaking to the collaboration, Kendrick Lamar said, “similar to my collaborations with Reebok in the past, I want to create products that provide fans with larger meanings and messages – particularly ones that inspire unity and growth within communities and youth. In Compton, we have saying that ‘mixing Red and Blue makes Green.’ While ‘green’ is usually thought of in a monetary respect here, this shoe represents a new definition of ‘green’ – community growth. If we work together, we can break down barriers and prosper.”


The new Classic Leather Lux design shows how Kendrick stays true to the core beliefs that he’s held strong since his roots in Compton. Unity continues to ground him and power his artistry as he works towards making a difference within the modern cultural climate, and as such he is the perfect champion and validator of Reebok Classic. A style that stands for originality and authenticity, the Classic Leather is a cultural icon which has transcended generations, and Kendrick Lamar is the perfect embodiment of the sneaker’s continued evolution and bold future.


Reebok Classic Leather Lux x Kendrick Lamar
Launch: Friday 25th November 00:01GMT

Price: £99.00







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