Reebok Bug Stomper & CL Stomper

Reebok follows up last years Alien hommage with a new edition of the Bug Stomper, this time decked out in camouflage and a sandy beige colourway that takes its inspiration from the US Colonial Marines in the Movie. This classic is packed to the rafters with subtle and not so subtle references to the iconic movie series, which we'll leave to study! A personal favourite being Reebok switching out the flags on the window logo for a Weyland Corp W logo. All this Alien nostalgia is packaged in a suitably Alien themed limited edition custom box.
Dropping alongside the Bug Stomper is this, Aliens inspired take on the iconic Classic Leather. Boasting a colourway that mirrors the shoe worn by Lt. Ellen Ripley in the classic 1986 film. A full leather upper is combined with a cross strap fasten that effectively pays homage to the shoe from the movie. 

Shop both Reebok styles and more via the button below.

Reebok U.S.C.M Bug Stomper
Price: £169.00

Reebok Classic Leather Stomper 
Price: £89.00 

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