Reebok Alien Stomper OG

Reebok Alien Stompers BISHOP 800pix

Reebok are celebrating the 30th anniversary of Aliens in style with this fantastic re-issue of the Alien Stomper OG in a Mid style. These aren’t the hightop boots worn by Ripley in the movie but the mid’s sported by Lance Bishop, the Hyperdyne Systems model 341-B synthetic technician, or android for short.

The Alien Stomper wasn’t available at the time of the films launch but were originally available the year later in 1987. Just over 5 years ago the Alien Stomper was actually the subject of a few collaborations from stores such as Mita Sneakers, Atmos and our very own 3M version. This year though it’s the tune of the OG colourway and it even comes in an authentic looking iridescent box complete with the Weyland-Yutani Corp logo.

Reebok Alien Stomper 01 800pix

Reebok Alien Stomper OG
Launch: Tuesday 26th April 00:01GMT
Price: £99.00

Reebok Alien Stomper 03 800pix

Reebok Alien Stomper 04 800pix

Reebok Alien Stomper 05 800pix

Reebok Alien Stomper 06 800pix

Reebok Alien Stomper 07 800pix

Reebok Alien Stomper 02 800pix

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