Ramidus Spring Summer 20 Luggage

New to HANON for 2020 are Japanese luggage masters Ramidus launching under the Ramidus guise in 2019, Ramidus continue their mission to provide the absolute “standard” in everyday luggage as they have done for the past 20 years.
For their debut drop at HANON, pieces from the Recce, Orbit & Form collections make up a solid offering consisting of rugged weekender rucksacks, astute day bags, carefree waist/crossbody solutions & some highly sophisticated totes. Constructed using all of Ramidus's know-how and a range of fabrics including that ever-reliable "tanker" nylon fabric that has gone onto become a bit of a speciality. If that sounds like what your after then we recommend casting your eyes over the "Recce" collection.

The "Orbit" collection combines outdoor sensibilities via colour popped nylon straps & clean urban performance to create a contemporary offering. The daypack & rucksack offering in the collection has got your back with a multitude of innovative storage solutions, whilst the Orbit pouch is primed for excursions on the bike or long weekends in the sun this festival season.
Finally, the "Form" collection embraces bold geometric patterns finished in a coated nylon offering something a little different but still retaining those key features that we've come to expect from the brains behind Ramidus. 
The Ramidus Spring Summer 20 Luggage Collection coming soon to HANON.

Ramidus Orbit Tote Bag
B003003-BY / B003003-BE
Width: 390-530 Height: 360 Depth: 150 (mm) Handle: 620 (mm) 
Price: £169.00

Ramidus Orbit Shoulder Pouch
B003006-BK / B003006-BY / B003006-BL
Width: 150 Height: 210 Depth: 40 (mm)
Price: £109.00

Ramidus Orbit Day Pack
Width: 290 Height: 430 Depth: 140 (mm)
Price: £219.00

Ramidus Orbit Rucksack
Width: 290 Height: 430 Depth: 150 (mm)
Price: £219.00

Ramidus Form Tote Bag (L)
Width: 390-540 Height: 330 Depth: 190 (mm)
Price: £179.00

Ramidus Form Waist Bag
B002008-BK / B002008-NY
Width: 250 Height: 140 Depth: 100 (mm)
Price: £129.00

Ramidus Recce Tote Bag
Width: 350-460 Height: 430 Depth: 120 Handle: 610 (mm)
Price: £209.00

Ramidus Recce Rucksack
Width: 270 Height: 480 Depth: 170 (mm)
Price: £295.00

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