Puma Suede 50 x FUBU

You can’t think about 90’s streetwear without thinking about FUBU, the definitive hip- hop brand literally for the people: For Us By Us. Daymond John, Keith Perrin, J. Alexander Martin and Carl Brown started out as four friends in a basement and like PUMA, built a brand #ForAllTime.

FUBU was one of the first streetwear brands that brought inspiration from streets to create clothing for the streets. FUBU represented entrepreneurship, determination, excellence, and boldness of the four partners who had the courage to go against the grain in 1992 and strike out on their own. They are pioneers in hustling and bustling which paved the way for the street culture entrepreneurs of today. This the legacy they have engrained in the culture, 25 years strong in 2018.

The PUMA Suede has withstood the test of time and gone through decades of cultural revivals. Rooted in performance, it has found the respect from the street making it one of the most iconic sneakers #ForAllTime.

“When we started FUBU we were very young. We were all looking for a way out. Not a way out of the hood, but a way,” recalls J Alexander Martin, Co-Founder of FUBU.

Daymond John, FUBU Co-founder adds, “We wanted to do something that we loved. we were loving the world of hip-hop but we couldn’t dance or produce or make money rapping but we started to realize that there are other ways to be part of the culture.”

These two streetwear legends collide, coming together as part of the 50th anniversary of the PUMA Suede for a capsule fully loaded in fresh velour and throwback swag.

The collection pays tribute the iconic FUBU tracksuits and the forever fresh Suede. The PUMA x FUBU Classic Suede sneaker takes on a black velour upper and red velour lining. Red velour piping outlines the black Formstripe and sits atop a thick, black rubber sole with a red outsole for a requisite dash of flavour. Gold accents provide that extra swagger while a commemorative Suede 50 logo is featured in the tongue. Three sets of laces (black, red, white) make it easy to turn things up or down.

The Puma Suede 50 Classic x FUBU will be launching ONLINE on Friday 26th of January at 00:01GMT.

Puma Suede 50 Classic x FUBU
Price: £95.00
Launch: Friday 26th January 00:01GMT

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