Puma Disc Blaze and Blaze Cage x Overkill “Pfeffiboys”

PUMA and Overkill Shop get together for a fresh new pack inspired by the liquid gold called Berliner Luft. Dubbed the ‘Peffiboys Pack’, the sneaker duo featuring the classic Disc Blaze and a zeitgeisty Blaze Cage is inspired by various late-night design sessions in smoky Berlin pubs.

“Berliner Luft“, also known as “Pfeffi“ is more than just a peppermint liquor – it’s a lifestyle. The rise of this iconic beverage started in Downtown Berlin, having been part of Overkill’s favorite football clubs’ inventory for years; they immediately fell in love with this drink and spread the name on all our travels.

As self-acclaimed “Pfeffiboys” – a loose collective of urban “Atzen” (a regional word for your Berlin buddies) initiated by Overkill team member Berlin Groundet – they’ve chosen their favourite liquor as the design inspiration for the Disc Blaze. From the colourway all the way to the insole details, our interpretation of the perfect Pfeffi was thrown on this PUMA classic. Rounding up the Disc Blaze is the “Peffiboys“ print on the tongue, a premium suede upper, and a reflective form strip as well as a translucent mint green sole.

The contemporary Blaze Cage embodies the day after an extensive Peffi-binge and therefore owns the nickname “Black Out“. The Blaze Cage is winning with its modern-looking, knitted upper in black and mint-green finished with a PUMA x Overkill branding on the tongue as well as a reflective heel.
The Puma x Overkill “Pfeffiboys” Pack will be launching ONLINE on Saturday 25th of November at 00:01GMT here.
Puma Blaze Cage X Overkill
Price: £119.00
Launch: Saturday 25th November 00:01GMT

Puma Disc Blaze X Overkill
Price: £119.00
Launch: Saturday 25th November 00:01GMT


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