PUMA Alteration PN-1

PUMA's latest creation premieres to the world this week. We got our hands on a pair in January at Paris fashion week fresh from seeing them feature in Han Kjøbenhavn's 'Fairy Tale Denmark' runway show.

Speaking of Han Kjøbenhavn, PUMA enlisted Davidsen (part founder and creative director behind Han Kjøbenhavn) partnered with PUMA once again following 3 seasonal collaborative collections.  This time, he worked with the Brand on a new silhouette under their Co.Creative program. Facilitating partnerships between PUMA and up-and-coming brands across the world, Co.Creative is a platform through which the company works directly with creative trailblazers from the fashion, music and sports industries. Jannik Davidsen a name to reckon with in the Danish fashion scene is known to break the norms of conventional streetstyle. Drawing inspiration from his personal experience of growing up in the suburbs of Denmark, his Co.Creative collection with PUMA is deeply rooted in the theme ‘From the Outskirts’, reflecting a down to earth, analogue expression of style through unique street-ready silhouettes. 

Born to explore urban haunts and inspired by a post-apocalyptic world akin to the one assembled during their landmark Paris Fashion week runway shoe. The  Alteration PN-1 is an unexpected unity of two very different perspectives – while the upper gets a simplistic expression and structure referencing Copenhagen’s outskirts, the sole is a futuristic vision of wavy disproportions and bulky shapes. 

The PUMA Alteration PN-1 launches at HANON via an ONLINE RAFFLE. Entry is now open click the button below to enter...

PUMA Alteration PN-1
369771-03 / 369771-01
Price: £115.00


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