Patrick Ewing 33 Hi x SLAM Magazine

David Goldberg grew up reading SLAM. He remembers bringing home the first-ever issue of the magazine, with a photo of Larry Johnson soaring through the air on the cover, and ripping through it with glee.

That was a couple decades ago. Today, Goldberg is president of the re-launched and reinvigorated Ewing Athletics. The company—thanks to Goldberg, Patrick Ewing, Ewing’s agent David Falk and a few others—has over the past five years grown from a boutique brand into a sneaker world mainstay. Ewing says he’s constantly beseeched with requests from NBA peers. Rappers like 2 Chainz, who was recently inked by Ewing Athletics to a deal, can often be spotted rocking the kicks.

“We’re not a huge company like Nike or adidas or the others,” says Goldberg, “but we’ve managed to hang around and have an impact and are still going strong.”

Goldberg says his company’s run and impact reminds him of SLAM’s, which is why he was excited to partner with us on a new collaboration—the fruits of which you can see in the photos above.

That partnership will manifest itself in a new edition of the Ewing 33 HI, the shoe Patrick wore in 1989. It remains the company’s signature model. This colorway will boast orange and black hues and a clear sole. Ewing’s number, 33, will be printed on the heel while SLAM’s logo will run across the tongue.

“SLAM, like Ewing, is an authentic brand that’s beloved in the basketball community,” he says. “It’s an important part of basketball and sneaker culture.”

Patrick Ewing 33 Hi x SLAM Magazine
Launch: Wednesday 18th January 00:01GMT
Price: £119.00



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