Palace SS16


The kings of the product description (if you don’t believe me go check their Instagram or website) are back with their SS16 clothing collection. Coming with a range paying homage to the flashy Italian designer gear that got sported in the London garage scene in the early 2000’s, back when So Solid were still getting on the bus for a concession and well before Craig David got Kes.

Comprising of a full collection of jackets, sweats, tees, hoodys, socks, caps and hats. The Roadrunner crew are getting repped as well as the now infamous Tri-Ferg logo appearing on a few choice items. We’ll leave you with their own description for their Tri Smoke L/S T-Shirt “Got your Mum one of these and she hated it.”

SS16 drops Thursday 10th March 00:01GMT






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