NikeLab Air Max 1 FK Royal x Arthur Huang

The Nike Air Max 1 introduced visible, encapsulated air to footwear 30 years ago. Its most distinguishing traits have
endured while pairing gracefully with countless technical innovations along the way.

Featuring new tooling and materials, the Nike Air Max 1 Flyknit Royal is among the lightest Air Max 1 ever built. Premium, full-grain leather quarter panels float on a Nike Flyknit upper that rests on a cored-out, dual-density foam midsole.

Honouring the idea of encapsulated innovation, Miniwiz CEO and architect Arthur Huang has created a lightweight package made entirely of post-consumer materials, complementing the Air Max and helping to redefine the possibilities of modern innovation.

For Arthur Huang, the visionary CEO of Miniwiz, Nike Air demonstrates a perfect balance of performance and sustainability. “It cushions while at the same time reducing material usage.”

The equilibrium between responsible manufacture and function forms the backbone of Huang’s NikeLab Air Max Day collaboration. Huang, who is both an architect and structural engineer, has created a lightweight package made entirely of post-consumer materials (milk and orange juice containers, morning coffee lids).

Specifically, the box is produced from a single process Polypropylene with no added chemicals. The modular design allows it to be used as a stackable, interlocking component of a product display or storage system.

“These are all intentional features and qualities which revolve around the intent of every Miniwiz product — reducing the impact on the environment in every way it can,” notes Huang. “In this case, we’re adding features and efficiency to an existing product (shoe boxes) and by re-using non-virgin materials in a sustainable and responsible way.”

The package can also be used as a backpack and, should ideas about other forms of reuse sputter, it can be recycled. Furthermore, the shoe it was built to support, the NikeLab Air Max 1 Royal, a silhouette with its own application of sustainable production: Nike Flyknit.

“We love Flyknit as a technology,” says Huang. “It gives designers a new canvas to create cool, while lowering environmental impact. We want to be associated with that and are glad that we are a part of this revolution.”

It’s a revolution that also perfectly blends aesthetics and renewable materials. “The net result of this tech are some of Nike’s lightest, high performance shoes launched into the market with an infinite possibility of being sexy,” concludes Huang.

NikeLab Air Max 1 FK Royal x Arthur Huang
Launch: Thursday 13th April 08:00BST

Price: £195.00


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