NikeLab ACG Summer 2018

NikeLab ACG summer 2018 collection lands at HANON this June, with the NikeLab team exploring the use of Gore-Tex on Summer garments.
We'll let Johanna Schneider, senior director of influencer marketing and product collaborations for NikeLab ACG to explain the concept behind this seasons drop.

This season, we discussed trying to finesse more of a modular system for men and women. What are our expectations toward summer apparel, in terms of adaptability and modularity?”. 
Working alongside NikeLab ACG collaborator Errolson Hugh the pair set out three pillars that prop up the collection’s values: the utility of Gore-Tex, the breathability of fleece, and the mobility of the beloved trousers

“The beauty of the material we’re using is that it’s both protective and highly breathable,”. “It’s basically a 365-appropriate material. We wanted to make it more seasonally appropriate for summer through the silhouette, for those who prefer a day at the beach house, for example." 

The NikeLab ACG Summer 2018 collection will launch on June 1st ONLINE; 08:00BST.

Nike Lab NRG ACG Deploy Gore-Tex Jacket
Price: £509.00
Launch: Friday June 1st 08:00BST

Perhaps unexpected in Summer NikeLab utilize fleece to its fullest effect for this drop 

“We were thinking about what the fleece could look like for summer,” says Schneider. “We built in more breathability details, like the mesh component in the neck for ventilation, so when you move your head inside the hood, you can stay cool, and also rely on the physical articulation of the overall piece.”

Nike Lab NRG ACG Variable Tee
Price: £65.00
Launch: Friday June 1st ONLINE; 08:00BST

The ever popular cargo makes an appearance and takes from the same versatile philosophy, with articulated legs for freedom of movement, expandable cargo pockets with zipper and snap closures, and a functional zippered fly. With one pant silhouette working for both men and women this collection.

The idea was that you might just need one full pant in the summer season,”
says Schneider . The reasoning goes back to expectations of what is seasonally appropriate. A renewed focus was on the like-designed cargo shorts for men’s and women’s with an added knit component – the first time that NikeLab ACG has incorporated seamless knitting, also used in the line’s arm sleeves and leg sleeves.

Nike Lab NRG ACG Deploy Cargo Short
Launch: Friday June 1st ONLINE; 08:00BST.

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