NikeLab ACG FW18

Since 2014, Errolson Hugh has teamed with Nike to create ACG collections that meld studies in athletic motion with garments delivering deft technical adaptability. As Hugh explains, the challenge is in defining what a person in a dynamic environment needs, because you “don’t know exactly what they’re going to be doing.”

For his final collaboration on ACG, the work's guardrails are narrowed to strictly consider winter. The ACG Holiday 2018 lineup continues Hugh’s advance of modular systems, employing discrete solutions within individual garments and throughout the assembled pieces to solve for complete coverage. “We’re trying to explore what a full, all-conditions fit means in terms of having the maximum amount of protection possible,” he says. “Our ultimate goal is for the wearer to have a moment of realization and think, ‘Oh, I'm comfortable. I feel protected. I look great.’ And then not have to worry about those things anymore.” 

Additionally, the liners and insulators from previous ACG seasons also work with the latest shells, a concrete reminder that Hugh’s work with ACG has been about adding to a suite of solutions rather than obsoleting past work.

The NikeLab ACG FW18 collection is available to buy online now via the button below.

NikeLab NRG ACG Gore-Tex Coat 
Black/Volt Green 
Price: £549.00

NikeLab NRG ACG Down Fill Parka Jacket 
Yellow Ochre
Price: £425.00

NikeLab NRG ACG Gore-Tex Coat 
Olive/Volt Green
Price: £549.00

NikeLab NRG ACG Down Fill Jacket 
White/Black/Volt Green
Price: £425.00

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