Nike x Mo’ Wax by James Lavelle


Nikelab present Nike x Mo’ Wax by James Lavelle. A capsule collection for Fall 2014 featuring a selection of iconic Nikesilhouettes restyled by Mo’ Wax founder James Lavelle.

The Nike x Mo’Wax by James Lavelle MA1 Destroyer Jacket is crafted from a classic collegiate leather-and-wool combination remixed with flight jacket-style details, including nylon at the shoulders and bright orange lining with a heat-pressed camouflage pattern. Graffiti-like embroidery and removable twill patches further customize the outerwear layer. A subversive take on traditional military decals, they feature the signature reverse script of longtime Mo’Wax collaborator Gio Estevez. These original patches present characteristic Mo’Wax names and slogans, such as “Your future is our past” and “Headz”. Stitching along the placket proudly asserts the attitude that drives Lavelle’s work: “Happy are those who dream dreams and who are willing to pay the price to see those dreams come true.”

The Nike x Mo’Wax by James Lavelle Blazer presents a similar streetwear-meets-sportswear-meets-military aesthetic. Boasting the same tactile textiles as the collection’s jacket, the iconic sneaker reflects a cohesive mixed-material style at the same time it retains its signature streamlined silhouette, which Lavelle regularly wore back in the day and continues to sport.
The Nike x Mo’Wax by James Lavelle Cap and T-Shirt augment the offerings, infusing wardrobe staples with the collection’s trademark concealed symbols and slogans.


NIKE_S06_0059_BD_f_rgb_b_native_1600 NIKE_S04_0204_f_rgbjpg_native_1600 718768_208_Blazer_Hi_Mowax_Olive-Lateral_Left-HO14_B1_App-8582_square_600 718768_208_Blazer_Hi_Mowax_Olive-Heel_Pair-HO14_B1_App-9076_square_600 718768_008_Blazer_Hi_Mowax_Black-Top_Down_Pair-HO14_B1_App-9457_square_600 718768_008_Blazer_Hi_Mowax_Black-Lateral_Left-HO14_B1_App-8574_square_600 718768_008_Blazer_Hi_Mowax_Black-Heel_Pair-HO14_B1_App-9069_square_600

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