New Balance MT580

Footwear models that have legitimately changed the course of sneaker history are few and far between. The 580 is one of those shoes. While the trail-inspired design and chunky, ‘90s rollbar-equipped midsole cut a distinctive figure, the 580’s legacy is ushering in the era of collaboration. As the 580 was adopted by trendsetting kids of Harajuku, third-party collaborators were enlisted to appeal directly to this style-conscious audience, a concept unheard of at the time. Furthering the 580’s legend is the fact that pre-internet shopping, the 580 was virtually impossible to obtain outside of Japan. More than a classic, the 580 embodies truly doing things differently.

This latest outing for the MT580 see's New Balance deploy a much lauded and suitably Winter colourway in form of the iconic pairing of "Beef & Broccoli". Often seen on boots the pairing of rich brown hues and deep forest green shades has become synonymous in street wear world. Nubuck panels and tough ballistic like mesh underlays block out the familiar uppers.

The New Balance MT580 launches at HANON via an ONLINE RAFFLE. Enter via the button below.

New Balance MT580
Brown/Green ('Beef & Broccoli')
Price: £130.00

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