New Balance MRL996PV x Leftfoot / P.V.S.


Established in 2003, Leftfoot was Singapore’s first ever specialty sneaker store to offer limited edition sneakers, P.V.S. is Leftfoot’s sister store and caters for all female sneaker needs.

In their own words: “It is said that diamonds are a girls best friend. Well if that’s the case, shoes probably come in a close second. It is not a mere fashion accessory, but a necessity.

A highly experiential and much needed breath of fresh air in the struggling world of retail, P.V.S. (an acronym for Provisions) opened it’s doors in December 2012, smack in the hustle and bustle of Singapore’s iconic shopping belt, Orchard Road.”

This MRL996PV is the result of their recent collaboration with New Balance and the colourful upper sports an almost stippled paint brush style, reminiscent of great Impressionist artists such as Claude Monet. The two tone midsole features the Revlite system and the outer sole unit is somewhat reminiscent of the sparkle of a diamond whilst New Balance and P.V.S. logos adorn the insole.

The video supplied by P.V.S. provides a little more information on the collaboration with the self proclaimed 9alactic 9irls 6rigade: “This project is a collaboration between P.V.S and New Balance paying homage to female empowerment and liberation, staying true to our store’s mantra.”

Perhaps their fun is darker than yours.


New Balance MRL996PV x Leftfoot / P.V.S.
Launch: Friday 26th February 00:01GMT
Price: £109.00










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