New Balance MiUK : Latest Arrivals - 'Slate Blue' & 'Lava Ice Beach' Packs

With all the recent collaborative ventures and flurries of new styles, you can be forgiven for not noticing New Balance's Made in England lines recent stellar work across some old favourites. Here at HANON HQ, we've waxed lyrical on this blog and across our channels about how no one quite like the Boston heavyweights nail those grey and blue hues harmoniously in quite such infinitely satisfying style.

Well, for those of you like us, who are quite partial to the aforementioned colour scheme on the brands running shoes, boy are you in for a treat as Flimby serve up the 'Slate Blue' Pack which again, rather unsurprisingly, bangs!. The M991, M1500, and M670 are treated to nubuck makeovers in the grey & slate blue hues which result in some all together classy executions on some timeless MiUK style.

Pushing the boat out a little further while still retaining that essential marriage of blue and grey is the 'Lava Ice Beach' Pack. Without sounding too much like your favourite high street travel agent who've absolutely had you on with a package deal, these latest iterations on the M577 and M1500 are indeed a hot ticket. Blending those pleasing hues to maximum effect with some rich material selections, we personally can't help but get Kakkerlak (a grail-status collaboration) vibes, especially on that M577. Teal embroidered New Balance 'N' logos feature across both pairs with a gum rubber outsole on each kicking things up a notch.

Shop the latest arrivals from New Balance at HANON via the button below!

New Balance M670BSG "Slate Blue"
M670BSG - Made In The UK
Grey/Slate Blue
Price: £160.00

New Balance M991BSG "Slate Blue"
M991BSG - Made In The UK
Slate Blue/Grey
Price: £180.00

New Balance M1500BSG "Slate Blue"
M1500BSG - Made In The UK
Grey/Slate Blue/White
Price: £160.00

new Balance M577LIB "Lava Ice Beach"
M577LIB - Made In The UK
Price: £160.00

New Balance M1500LIB
M1500LIB - Made In The UK
Price: £160.00


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