New Balance Made in England M770BBB & M770RBB


Originally introduced in 1984, the 770 brought together comfort and high technology to offer a running shoe with unrivalled softness with stability. For Winter 2016 the 770 returns in the original burgundy colourway, along with a complimentary tan suede variation, both crafted to the highest quality at the New Balance factory at Flimby, UK.

The Made in UK M770BBB & M770RBB release on Saturday 5th November 00:01GMT.
For the reintroduction of the 770, we caught up with long-time friend of New Balance, Jorg Haas from BEINGHUNTED. to talk about reissues, history and authenticity.
Fifteen years ago, October 2001, I launched BEINGHUNTED. as an outlet to talk about the things I found worth talking about. Design, collectibles, trainers, artists and exhibitions, clothing, and a little bit of music. Even though a lot has changed. the pace has become a lot faster and it might appear as if there is not as much to explore and discover anymore, there is still enough out there to be inspired by.
From its roots as an online magazine and retailer, BEINGHUNTED. has evolved into a multi-disciplinary agency. It is the culmination of insights gained over a period of two decades with an expansive network connecting creatives from diverse categories. We like to discover and to gather inspirations from all across the globe to develop new ideas. For our clients but also for projects for our own brand.


New Balance M770BBB
Launch: Saturday 5th November 00:01GMT
Price: £109.00


New Balance M770RBB
Launch: Saturday 5th November 00:01GMT
Price: £109.00





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