Mizuno x Nagoya Grampus

Japan. A place where football dresses as it’s played, defined by passion, imagination, risk, and, of course, style. As the J.League continues its adventurous foray into kit design that started almost three decades ago, bringing their brave and bold looks to the world with ‘20J1’, a project that celebrates the remarkable diversity, unique club cultures, and iconic, vibrant fashions that are at the heart of Japanese football, it’s where this all began that holds the most interest. Mizuno’s Japanese kit designs from the 90s were bespoke beauties that were way ahead of their time, as evidenced by their clear influence on today’s J-League offerings.
In the golden age of football shirt design that was the 90s, where bigger was better in every sense, typified by the one-size-fits-all policy that existed at the time, Japan reigned supreme, and leading the way, producing kits for all 10 teams in the league’s inaugural campaign, was the nation’s own Mizuno.
In a time where football crosses freely into the realms of fashion and vice versa, and where there’s a thirst for retro callbacks in both, Mizuno’s glorious history in the J-League offers up the perfect blend of vintage vibes and fresh feels.
This project celebrates the history of Nagoya Grampus with the launch of the iconic 1993 design, bringing you ever closer to the Japanese football culture.

The Mizuno x Nagoya Grampus Drop 1 launches at HANON via an ONLINE RAFFLE. Click the button beneath to enter.
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